Any one question through Palmistry  Rs600
You can ask any one single question, most bothering you. You will be given the best possible answer with apt suggestions.

Any two questions through Palmistry Rs1100
You can ask any two questions, most bothering you. You will be given the best possible answer with apt suggestions.

Astrology consultation
( Date of birth/ Time of birth/ Place of birth needed)

​​General predictions/ specific queries / yes/no type answers with simple remedies shall be suggested

 Know major years and events  impacting your life through Palmistry (Full Report) Rs1800
This concise, full report will give an insight about your inner self , strength and weakness, major events , progress, setbacks, physically challenging periods along with suggestions and simple remedies.

Childbirth problems with remedies through Palmistry
The palms of both the partners are analysed carefully and given proper guidance. Being a lady , this is the area of my special interest, as well research.

What is your life purpose through your finger prints. Rs1500
Nowadays , amidst the mechanical life, this is the most nagging question for many. You may have reached the heights of your career or you would have been married at the right age. But there are some moments, when you feel an emptiness , deep inside you, nagging. Why am I born? am I fulfilling my life purpose? Why am I not satisfied? We receive your fingerprints and give the best possible answer.

Choose a winning career through Palmistry, especially for students.
This report is best for parents whose children are ( or students) between 8th grade and 12th grade. A decision taken on time, is always better, than regretting later. Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life ~ Confucius

Relationship issues through Palmistry 
For some, relationship clicks. For some, it just does not not. This analysis will help you gain insight about, why your relationship is continuously suffering, and offer some helpful tips, for a better, happy married life.

How successful will my career be through Palmistry
The analysis would give you , the probable time of , when your successful period in profession would start. The years to be careful , the years you may take risk , with tips and suggestions to prosper.

Name correction Rs 1500
You may have the best birthdate, luckiest Star, still,  if your name is not in harmony, nothing is going to work for you, try how much ever. A mild alteration, is all that is needed , to make your life smooth.

Baby names Rs 2500
Its  your life . I know the baby is your everything. Your breath. So no risk can be taken. I use Astrology , Pythogerean Numerology and Chaldean Numerology and select a name , which is in harmony with your angels birthdate.

Know Your Lucky Days, Numbers, Colours, & Gem Stones
This will give you a ready reckoner of your lucky dates , colours and gemstones based upon your Numeroscope and Horoscope  which will come in handy for you ,to plan important events and while making important decisions.

Prashna - Know Yes/No answer to your query without birth details
Rs 500
Sometimes it is enough to know a simple yes or no. So post your query to get the most satisfying answer. Good luck!

Know your Mudra – Improve your Palm lines through Anguli Mudra
It is only the finger prints, we cannot change. By doing Yoga/Meditation , hand postures ( Anguli Mudras) , slow but sure changes , can be made upon the lines, and hence the FUTURE. By carefully studying your palm, Mudras suitable for you, would be prescribed.




Reply will be sent to you by e-mail in 4 to 5 days days after receipt of the palm pictures and payment .

PAYTM facility is available for Indian residents.

​PAYPAL facility is available for NRI.

​Bank details shall be furnished, through e-mail for others who do not have PAYTM. 

                                      FINGERS PRINTS  &  THUMB PRINT  



     These are the photo requirements of your palm needed:
      1. Snaps taken by a camera or a scanner is preferred.
      2. Mention which hand is your Active hand. ( right/left)
      3. Your Date of Birth.
      4. For queries related to childbirth photo snaps of both husband and wife is a must.

5. Send multiple snaps.
      6. Mention any specific query you might have regarding health, marriage, career, 
child birth etc.,

      7. Take care that the photos are taken from proper FRONT or TOP and not from any angles

​          for proper judgement.


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* Sending both Photo snaps + Scanned snaps would be ideal.