Dear Vijayaji,
I hope your doing well :) 

I would like you to know that I do have a decent job offer now & will be joining as soon as the paper works are done. Its not the dream job as i have compromised a decent amount of money hoping things will get better. Fingers crossed

I would like to bring to your notice that you had mentioned to me in past (last year) that i will come across a career change during feb-march 2017.

Also you will be glad to know that me & my husband  have discussed to take initiative & try our luck in other countries. 

Apart from the financial growth everything else seems to be very satisfactory (touch wood) in terms of relation. I do feel at peace & a sense of understanding of accepting how things are....& reacting to it with positivity. ( In all matters)
Thank you for all guidance Vijayaji.....may you be blessed.

Take care!
Ratna Jha

Hello Madam, 

Trust you are doing well. Belated Diwali wishes. Managed to get some time today to write to you. 

I left my previous job (worked with ** for 9 years) as I had to shift to Pune..I was there for 2.5 months and decided to leave ** once for all. I got another job in Chennai. Flashy position and good pay. Though the company is not MNC, I had to choose between Pune and Chennai. I chose Chennai considering my family. It's almost two months since I joined this company.

This was predicted by you in 2014-15. 


Dear vijaya shradha mam,I most impressed your attitude, God always with make one more fan in kolhapur( my english knowledge is very weak)so...once again sorry ..!take care ..God is luck ,and best
wishes ...thank you

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Hello Madam,

Hope you are doing good.

I got your predictions years ago, I feel that Your predictions were correct. 

When I initially inquired you about my predictions, I was jobless and you were too kind to give your predictions with no charges, Thank you for your kindness.

I would like to pay to you now, please could you share your paytm or any wallets of you use, or neft banking details. 

Thank you - AjayKumar Reddy


Happy Navratri and Durga Puja.I am sorry that I could not remain in touch with you for long. My son's marriage as reported last time could not materialize due to  some unwanted chatting between the expected bridegroom.

But this time my son has himself decided to an intercaste girl for which parents for both the side is agreeable.

The marriage would be most probably in the third/last week of February,2020.

I am thankful for your correct prediction and look forward for your further guidance.

 Ravi Shandilya

Dear Vijayaji,

Due to your blessings, Your predictions as per earlier email were very closely accurate. I got the Job in June 2016 (Feb-2016 you had predicted). Some compromise had to be made in terms of salary. But overall, company is quite good. 

Now I want to look for better prospects as my career in this company looks doubtful. 

Since, you had predicted that after mid-2018, my bad period will slowly start completing, I would like to consult you personally for a reading. 

Please reply if you are available for your gracious services.

Rangan Buxy​

Dear Mam,
     Hope you are doing well,,I am very happy to say that I'm completely cured from smelling sense disorder through prithvi mudra and completely addicted to yogasanam since last year,,thanks a lot mam,,I wanna tell u thanks and courtesy in person,,can I have ur number mam? Just to say thanks,,then only I will be completely happy from my end,,,

Thanks & Regards - Alauddin

Thank you so much Sharadha mam.  

I will respond your email shortly in details but your predictions are very accurate
Thank you very much for your time and analysis. 


Om Namah Shivaya 
Vijayaji, around 3 years ago you predicted my marriage before age 34 and yes it happened as calculated by you. before april 30th 2016.  You are genius and have done amazing calculation. Thank You. 

Thanks & Regards,
Niranjan Fakirchand Yadav

Life is a Numbers Game
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Respected Mam,

I would like to share my experience with you- I am completely excited and the Science is so magical to see it perfectly fit in when I try and implement the modules taught by you onto the hands.
A guru is always important to gain knowledge in a systematic manner. Thanks ma’am.

Akila Murthy

The Editor
Express Star Teller
Express Avenue
Chennai - 600014


Dear Madam,


I am very glad and much impressed Mrs. Tapasyah Iyer’s ( Vijaya Saradha S) Conversation with you regarding Palmistry in our magazine September 2018. It was well-written and contained sound, practical presentation. In fact, I already read her column’s regularly since August 2017. The author  pointed out several things, in her article Find out the Defect in Chakras through Palm published in our Express Star Teller Magazine November 2017, I appreciate Mrs. Tapasyah Iyer’s in-depth knowledge in palmistry.

 There are many wonderful appropriate suggestions in her article’s like Palmistry with Numerology and Mudras for health and well- being. Interesting and wonderful conversation with you.  Mrs. Tapasyah Iyer Shared her knowledge through write ups  to the readers in best comprehensive way about Chiromancy, Chirology, Numerology and Mudras.

I  enjoyed the conversation and gained valuable insights into content strategy. My wishes and prayers for her good success in life. Good Luck

God bless her and Stars be filled with her awesome genius.

she's an energetic Chiromancien and talented writer.

I look forward to reading her next informative works.

Very inspiring… Cheers and thanks!

With Prayers
G. S. Mohan Viswanathan


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