PALMISTRY CERTIFICATE COURSE 

                                                             SAMUDRIK RATNA 

 This course is conducted through post or E-mail, so that, students can  acquire Knowledge about Palmistry, from any corner of the world. The study    material required for the course is provided in English . On completion of  the course, a certificate of Samudrik Ratna is awarded. During the duration of the course, students can send their queries, by E-mail or post.  They can also clear their doubts using Zoom/ Gmeet/ Wapp or Skype. Students can visit personally with prior appointment  once a month .

  Medium of Instruction :    English
  Duration of Course       :     Three Months

  Samudrik Ratna Course: ( BASIC+ADVANCED)

  Within India     Rs 25000*

  Outside India   USD 500*        


Dear Vijayaji, I thank god, that i stumbled upon your website , through google. After loosing a few thousands on various institutes,  i had almost lost hope on getting a good teacher for palmistry. Your teaching with exhaustive collection of real life palm prints, are very detailed and indepth. Thankyou...

Sabyasachi Chattopadhyay

Undoubtedly this is the best Institute for learning Palmistry. Numerous real life palm prints for detailed discussions, through email and chats  cleared most of my  misconceptions about palmistry. Glad we met on that day, in the function.

Rajiv Pandey.

Like madam, i dont want to waste words. She is the most sincere type , i have met. I feel quite confident now , to face real clients and give readings. thanks mam for teaching me,  clear fundamentals in Palmistry. 

Abhijit Bhosle

Respected Mam,

I would like to share my experience with you- I am completely excited and the Science is so magical to see it perfectly fit in when I try and implement the modules taught by you onto the hands.
A guru is always important to gain knowledge in a systematic manner. Thanks ma’am.

Akila Murthy

** Revenue generated from this website and online palmistry courses are used for Temple services, education of poor and needy.

Dear Mam

Your Palmistry modules are absolutely self-explanatory. The book you gave for reference, for advanced study , has become my bhagwad gita. May your service , flourish.

Renu Akhtar


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Dear Vijaya,

I am very much impressed by your , sharing of knowledge, without holding anything. You have cleared, most of my doubts. God Bless you.

William Bruning