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      Following are some Palmistry & Numerology books which are really

       interesting and useful.

    1.     All the secrets of palmistry ( for profession and popularity) by Prof Dayanand Verma

    2.     Palmistry , How to master it? ( A gist of Indian and Western systems of                                             handreading) by Prof Dayanand Verma

    3.     Fifty Handprints by Prof Dayanand Verma & NishaGhai

    4.    A study of palmistry science by William G Benham

    5.    Palmistry the universal guide by Nathaniel Altman

    6.    Mysteries in Palmistry by Rengarajan

    7.    A Doctor's guide to better health through Palmistry by Eugene Scheimann

    8.    Your health in your hands by Lori reid

    9.    The principles of Palmistry Vol-1&Vol-2  by Prof. O.P Verma

   10.   Disease imprints on the Palm by Prof. O.P Verma

   11.   Your destiny & Scientific  hand analysis by Yaschpaule

   12.  The reflection of destiny by Kalpana jani

   13.   Everybodys guide to palmistry by Sri Krishna Das

   14.   Secrets of Numerology by Dr. RavindraKumar

   15.   Science of Fortune by Pandit Sethuraman

   16.   NUMEROLOGY - The complete guide Volume I & II by Matthew Oliver Goodwin

​   17.   Life Prints - by Richard Unger 

​   18.  God Given Glyphs -by Jennipher Hirsch

​   19.  Adhirshtathai allith  tharum yen kannidha Jodhidam by Swamy ( Tamil )


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